Beginning in 2021, Spring-Ford Youth lacrosse will be directing some of our fundraising efforts to establish a fund to be used to help support members of our lacrosse community that are in need.   This support could be in the form of a monetary donation, equipment or discounted registration fees among other things.  Our board will nominate a subgroup to evaluate any requests we receive against the fund rules.

This fund will be established with $300 from our past fundraising efforts with an additional $300 per year starting in 2021 being contributed from our current year fundraising.  The maximum amount to be distributed in any given year will be $300, any exceptions to this would require the approval of the board.  Any financial support to an individual will remain confidential unless it is a public campaign, while any support to an organization will be shared on this page.  We will be looking for a non-board member to join subgroup.  If you are interested in helping us with this endeavor please email

If you would like to request support for yourself or someone else, please email