Pre-registration checklist (more info below)


  • Is it 11/15 yet?  WooHoo - Early Bird Pricing (before 1/1/2022)
  • Did I get or renew a US Lacrosse Membership
  • Do I understand my fundraising commitment
  • Do I have a NOCSAE ND200 certified shoulder pads
  • Do I need a new uniform (if so we are ordering them differently this season)
  • Now I can register! 



Registration opens at 8 AM on November 15th and closes at midnight on January 15th, 2022.   This year we WILL NOT be able to accommodate late registrations, so please plan accordingly.   Also please note that our registration fees go up after December 31st2021.

Before you register, you need to make sure you have a valid US Lacrosse ID:

US Lacrosse membership is mandatory for all SFYLAX players. Membership provides lacrosse injury insurance and must be valid through 6/5/2022. The fee for US Lacrosse youth registration is $30. New and existing players can check their current membership, register, or renew at   You will not be able to register for the spring if you do not have a valid US lacrosse ID.

You will also want to find your child’s uniform from last season and have them try it on if they plan to reuse it.

Once you have a valid US Lacrosse ID and know whether your child is reusing their uniform you can click HERE to register:


Other Information you may need:

REGISTRATION COSTS (Save money by registering early)

NEW FOR 2022

Kindergarten - 2nd grade

  • Registration (before 12/31/21): $50
  • Registration (after 12/31/21): $75

3rd - 8th Grade

  • Registration (before 12/31/21): $100
  • Registration (after 12/31/21): $150

Sibling Discount

  • 10% - Player + 1 sibling
  • 15% - Player + 2 siblings
  • 20% - Player + 3 or more siblings

NOTE: Discount will be refunded after registration.


    • There will be a question during registration as to whether your son will be using last year’s uniform and the number on that uniform.
  • If you need a new uniform or part of a uniform:
    • Uniforms (Reversible Jersey and Shorts) will be purchased separately from the SFYLAX registration process. After registering there will be a link to order a uniform if you need one.  Additionally, you can visit the site at  and order your uniform now if needed.   We are still reusing last year's uniform design so if your son’s uniform still fits and is usable you can skip this.   A third-party vendor will take the order and ship the uniform to your address.   There are sizing charts and you will need to request a uniform number and provide their grade.  We will be reviewing numbers prior to the final order submission to limit duplicates where possible.  The uniform cost is $54.98, this does not include shipping.
  • If you have a uniform in good condition from a previous year and would like to donate it please bring it to the first winter thaw practice on 2/4 or contact our Vice President at to make arrangements. 

*In addition to the uniform (Reversible and Shorts) the store has other Spirit wear including a shooter shirt.   The shooter shirt is not a required part of the uniform but is a preferred (by lacrosse players) shirt to wear underneath the pads.


Equipment Requirement

All players will be required to have shoulder pads that meet this new standard by January 1, 2022.   The shoulder pads will have the above symbol on them. Your child will not be able to participate in practices or games without shoulder pads that do not meet this requirement.


Mandatory Fundraising

As our main league fundraiser, we will be selling Fundraising Discount Cards again this year (we skipped last year due to the pandemic) providing discounts and special offers for local businesses.  We will not be assessing this fee during registration; however, we are requiring each player to sell 5 cards to help support the league.  We will be distributing the Discount Cards, at first practice and our Dick’s day (TBD) for you to sell.  We will be working on opportunities for kids to be able to sell outside some of the businesses if they are having issues selling on their own.  We plan to offer incentives for kids to sell more than the 5 cards.



Registration closes on January 15th at 11:59PM, there will be no exceptions

Winter Thaw Practices at All Sports Center  

  • Winter thaw practices at the All Sports Center will be held on Friday nights from 2/4/22 to 3/4/22. Practices will last an hour and run between 6:00 and 9:00pm.  Specific grade level times will be provided through Team Snap as we get closer.  K-2 will only attend the last Winter Thaw practice on 3/4/22, more info will come on this. 

Outdoor practices

  • Outdoor practices begin as soon as the weather cooperates (we hope right after our indoor time ends), and fields are usable.  Practices will be held 2 nights a week (except for 7th/8th grade which will be 1 night per week due to school lacrosse), to be determined by the coaches at Evans or Brooke Elementary.  Your practice schedule will be available in Team Snap as we get closer to the season.


  • Our Delaware Valley Lacrosse League (DVLL) games (K-2 and newer 3rd-4th graders) will be held on Sundays at Evans Elementary beginning in April and ending prior to Memorial Day Weekend.
  • Our Southeastern PA Youth Lacrosse (SEPYLA) games (our more experienced 3rd/4th graders and 5th - 8th grade) will be held on Saturday (Time/Locations: TBD). There will most likely be 2 weeknight games locally.  Regular season starts on March 26th and ends the weekend of 5/21/22.  Playoff eligible teams will have games for the 2 weeks following (no games over memorial weekend).  Championship games will be played on the weekend of 6/4/22.

We are also asking for volunteers for the 2022 Spring season in registration.  If you would like to Head Coach, please check the corresponding box.  If you can assist in other ways, please also indicate that in the appropriate area of registration.

If you have questions about registration, please contact us at

If you aren’t already following us on Social Media please do:   Instagram and Facebook


Other questions about the Spring lacrosse season can be sent to  We look forward to seeing you in February!


Best wishes,

Mike Roellinghoff

SFYLAX Commissioner